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Office of Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety Affairs

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In order to prevent and reduce the occurrence of accidents, pollution and personal injury or diseases in campus, the Chieukuo Technology University (CTU)established the “Division of Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety Affairs” in Aug 1, 2001.It belongs to the office of general affairs of CTU. This division was upgraded to “Office of Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety Affairs” in March 1, 2003 for supply more service to all the student, teachers and staffs. The responsibilitys of this office conduce the following tasks:

1.Responsible for various affairs of the labs, environmental protection precautions in the training factories, laboratories and all industrial safety concerns.
2.To plan and oversee labor safety in all departments.
3.To plan and oversee the examinations and inspections of labor safety and health.
4.Monitoring of the environmental quality in campus.
5.Maintenance and management of drinking water facilities.
6.To plan and conduct labor safety and health education and training.
7.To plan labor health examinations, and implement health management.
8.Stipulation of prevention plan of career hazards and assist related units in implementing the guidelines.
9.Guide the safety and environmental protection work.
10.To do any other matters that related to labor safety and health management.
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